Argumentative Essay to Research Paper

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  • Rework one of your argumentative essays into a Research Paper (My paper is attached)
  • Add appropriate material from any two (2)
    selected articles by clicking the link below for the Literary Research
    Project (These articles are also attached)
  • You will need to rework the
    paper so that it still reads smoothly, and so that it still makes sense
    after you add your critical references. All outside references must be
    properly formatted in MLA
  • Please make sure you include a proper Works Cited page as the last page of your project
  • Your Works Cited page should contain the (2) two MLA Article Citations.
  • Your Works Cited Page must look exactly as the example included in the sample paper uploaded here. If it does not, it will automatically lose at least half the assigned credit (Sample paper is attached)

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