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Mandatory School Uniforms in Public Schools




School uniforms are a part of identity for a school, but many may argue on the importance of such uniform and whether they should be mandatory for all levels of education. One thing to note is that these identifiable clothes for the students make it easy to identify and differentiate a student from a normal civilian, and the schools may need them to be mandatory for many reasons(Stanley, 1996). All public schools should have uniforms for their students, and these uniforms should be mandatorily be worn by all students in the school.

First, uniforms should be made mandatory in public schools to help reduce or avoid distractions that come with thenon-existence of uniforms. According to Latham (2003), wearing the same kind of clothes helps in masking the income difference as all children whether rich or poor have to wear the same uniform. That way, uniforms are effective in removing fashion trends and fashion competition which are major destructions in schools. The use of the same uniform helps unify learners in many ways thereby reinforcing their educational purpose rather than any other purposes in the school.

Another importance of having uniforms in public schools is that it significantly helps in reducing criminal activities in schools and the society. Uniforms can closely be linked to improved discipline for those institutions that have made the use of uniforms mandatory. In a study done in Washoe County School District, switching to mandatory uniforms had the effect of decreasing discipline referrals by 10%, a decline in sexual offences by 74%, and 50% decline in school fights and muggings (Anderson., 2013). The change in that school is evidence enough that making uniforms mandatory for all schools will help in reducing crime within the school. Additionally, the uniforms give a sense of identity and the students wearing them will as much as possible avoid any criminal activity both within the schools and outside the boundaries as the uniforms may be used to implicate them(Brunsma, & Rockquemore., 1998). That way the use of uniforms would have reduced any criminal activities attempts by these students. The use of uniforms also makes it imposable for any criminal to sneak in weapons and further reduces the possibility of having gang colours or symbols in any educational facility as all students should adhere to the school’s uniform.

Besides being very effective in reducing crime and avoiding distractions in schools, the use of uniforms also helps in creating decency and integrity among students(Brunsma, & Rockquemore., 1998). Most schools are mixed having both boys and girls in the same institution making it necessary to give them or educate them on how to handle themselves within and outside theschool. These children at school are all aspiring to go out and start working. Any employer will be specific on what to look for before recruiting the possible employees, and one of them is decency and integrity(Brunsma, & Rockquemore., 1998). Uniforms help students develop the required behaviors such as avoiding unwanted clothing, developing respect for oneself and others. Integrity is promoted when a student adheres to the rules that dictate the use of uniforms at school. These uniforms are designed in a way that their use brings moral uprightness of a student. Further. Maintaining the original status of the uniform by the student as required by the uniform policy creates integrity which is a desired aspect of the outside world.

It is evident that uniforms are a better and easier way of ensuring that live at school is safe, students coming from public schools are morally upright and ready to enter into the outside world without fear of unemployment, and that the gap that exists between the poor and the rich in schools is bridged. Despite the fact that some people will argue that public schools should not have mandatory uniforms, the need for that change is undoubtedly important as it bears more positive outcomes than negative outcomes.


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