Applied decisions methods

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how does gas mileage depend on the number of gears, engine size, number of cylinders, and the air aspiration methods? Do the finding based on the models in excel

Data and Variable Chart

(U.S. Department of Energy, 2020)

Labelling the Variables



Short Names


Fuel Economy for Combined City-Highway Test Procedure

Comb FE – Conventional Fuel

Comb FE

No. of Gears



The size of Engine in litters

Eng Displ.


The No. of Cylinders in a Vehicle



Air Aspiration Method

Air Aspir Method


Research Methodology

The descriptive Statistics for the dataset

The research was conducted using the Regression Analysisthis would include Single as well as Multiple Linear regression.This was used in order to find values of significance level and R square. These values would explain the strength of relationship between the variables and choose the best prediction model.

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