Apple CEO Tim Cook Embraces Technology and Luxury to Win In Smartwatches, writing homework help

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Three parts for 3 question

First: Article, second: business leader third: research

use the following articles

Apple CEO Tim Cook Embraces Technology and Luxury to Win In Smartwatches.

Leadership, Creative Problem-Solving Capacity, and Creative Performance: The Importance of Knowledge Sharing answer the following;

Topic 1 What is creativity?

Topic 2 Second Discuss Tim Cook CEO Apple

– Motivational times of Tim Cook

– Leadership skills

Tpic 3

Read the scenario below

Negotiation Question: Students at a particular university are threatening to go on strike due to lack of security and poor hygiene in their hostels. They have gathered in front of the Chancellor’s office in the administration block in the form of a demonstration. The student leaders have to negotiate with the government to settle the issue so as everything goes to norm. Negotiation is a problem-solving tool used to resolve differing parties to come to an understanding (Carmeli, Gelbard & Reiter, 2013). In most cases, the disagreeing parties always want the best for themselves from the situation and at the end of the negotiation still keep a mutual friendship and understanding. The only way the negotiation is a success is when the two parties are satisfied with the solution of the problem. In this case, the differing parties are the students and the university administration. The both sides are supposed to come to a win-win solution to the problem for the smooth running of the institution through negotiation. Negotiation has several stages name and discusses them:

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