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Conduct an Oral History Interview 

Conduct an Oral History Interview:

All people have stories to tell: about where they came from, who their ancestors were, how they arrived at the place they now live. Interview someone about their stories. Find someone to interview who has a story of immigration to share. You cannot interview yourself, but this can be a family member or a stranger. It can be someone’s immigration experience from long ago or very recently. Really listen to and try to transcribe your interviewee’s experiences. And then write down one essay about your interview.

1. Who is the interviewee? 

2. Where was their place of origin? 

3. Why did they leave? 

4. When did they arrive here? 

5. What were their first impressions? 

6. What did they most like about America? 

7. What did they most dislike? 

8. Where did they first live? 

9. How did this experience change them? 

10. Would they do it again?

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