Answer Three Questions on Art Works

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1. Although a lot is still unknown about the context of the The Standard of Ur, it does much to reveal aspects of the ancient Sumerian society in which Gilgamesh lived. In particular, it gives us insight into the social structure of this ancient culture. What are some things we learn about the society from this work of art? In what ways does the epic poem, Gilgamesh, support some of what The Standard of Ur tells us? 

2. What does the example of the ancient “geometric krater” vase we examine this week reveal about ancient Greek society’s ideas about life and death? In what ways does the Iliad support some of these views? 

3. This week we examine a famous black-figure amphora by Exekias that depicts Achilles and Ajax engaged in a game. This artwork, and the accompanying commentary by contemporary art historians, helps us understand something valuable about ancient Greek art. Also, we learn some new things about the story described in the Iliad. Thinking back to what we read of the Iliad, how might this new information change our understanding of Achilles and Ajax, and/or our understanding of Greek culture at that time? 

Due Mon 3/10/14 before 10 pm

These answers are based on these videos.

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