answer the following question based on the reading attached below.

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A:Historians hesitate to analyze the recent past, as we cannot be sure of long term impacts and generational shifts. That said, what in this history of George W. Bush’s time in office — or President Obama’s –seems the most significant misstep or missed opportunity? Or, to put it another way, what would you do over if you had the chance to change this history? 2-3 paragraphs.

B: do you agree or disagree with the following statement. explain why in couple sentences. “The United States going into Iraq was an enormous misstep. We were suffering from the brutal attacks of 9/11 and we didn’t know how to respond strategically. So many Americans dead and dying from the hazardous fumes of the attacks, America suffered a great loss. Bush wanted to find the perpetrators of these terrorist attacks, but I don’t believe it was necessary for us to go to Iraq. We were not primarily sure at the time what was happening there and if they had weapons of mass destruction and we did not know if Osama Bin Laden was hiding there. The money spent in those years, could of been money spent for domestic issues. It could of well supported the unexpected hurricane Katrina that left many without homes. $1 billion a year to maintain the no fly zones in Iraq plus the $500 million for military activity. These numbers are outrages. Also I believe a misstep from the Bush administration is the lack of help during hurricane Katrina to those people of color and the poor. It shows who the administration rather support, although everyone deserved the same assistance and same sense of urgency. These acts are what make people dislike participating in politics sometimes. I hear it often when minorities feel theres no point, but there always is”.

C:do you agree or disagree with the following statement. explain why in couple sentences.“I think that far and wide the biggest mistake made in recent political history is the invasion of Iraq. Following the extremely traumatic events of the 911 attacks, the American public was looking for justice and answers, in any way they could get it. I try not to put all the blame on George W. Bush for the decision to invade, as at the time nation was looking for any way they could to get retribution for the attacks on New York City. However, the idea that Iraq had nuclear weapons was the claim that involved us in a war that rivaled even Vietnam in its pointlessness. After toppling the leader Saddam Hussein (the only thing keeping the region together albeit a bad man) and figuring out the reason for our invasion was incorrect, many Americans and Iraqis alike were upset with the decision. Our involvement in the country spurred the growth of extremist groups like Al-Qaedan and terrorist sects that blamed the US for the unneeded destruction in their country. Similarly to Vietnam (perhaps worse) we were involved in a war that spurred the violent deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens and is a guiding factor in why the area is still destabilized to this day. Due to the far-reaching and still occurring effects of our involvement, I’d consider the war to be the most significant misstep in his presidency.

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