Answer 3 different questions using sources relating to american history since 1865

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You have 1500 words—about five double-spaced pages—to answer three questions. Use your
word processor’s “word count” tool so that you can keep track of your total. We will penalize you
for exceeding the 1500-word limit with a 1-point deduction for every 20 words. This means that
you must keep track of your total, revise your work as needed, and make every word count. We
will not penalize you for coming in under the word limit; please note, though, that you will have a
hard time answering all questions thoroughly in less than 1300-1400 words.

Please refer to the paper prompt/rubric named HIST1025 Midterm Prompt for the overall structure and assignment details. The rest of the attached documents are sources to use. The links below are also sources to use.

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