Ankle Sprain

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Please see the attachment for the instructions 

Lateral Ankle Spain: Essay



A 19 years old female came to the clinic complaining of right ankle. She can not walk by herself. She needs assistance. The pain is acute onset after an inversion injury, no deformity, no pallor, paresthesia, pulse is present. During the examination of her right foot; medial malleolar area, there is mild swelling but no tender to palpation. Dorsal and lateral aspect of her foot with no tenderness, during palpation. But, tenderness is present in the lateral malleolus area. The primary diagnosis is lateral ankle sprain on the right foot based on the clinical presentation.

Differential Diagnoses

1-Ankle Spain :

2-Fibular fracture:

3-Achilles tendon rupture:

This section will identify your two differentials with the rationale and supporting evidence. Please Add references for each diagnosis Also explain why these differentials were not the main diagnosis.


Identify the lab, radiology, or other tests needed for Ankle Sprain with supporting evidences

Treatment: This section should include the elements of an initial treatment plan for the main diagnosis. It should include medication names, dosages, frequencies Please use Guidelines treatment with the References.

Education: patient/family education

Follow-Up with citation: this section should include the elements of an initial treatment plan for the main diagnosis.; appropriate follow up plan; and hospitalizations and consults when appropriate. 

· When will the patient follow up: 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, etc.

· What are some follow up labs or test

· Referrals

· Why are they following up? What outcome do you wish to assess?

Citations for follow up are MANDATORY


Initial Post:

APA format with intext citations

References: minimum of 4 high-level scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA format.

Plagiarism free.

Turnitin receipt.


 The supporting evidence for this paper should be derived from at least
two primary sources
(not Medscape, UpToDate, Epocrates,
etc.), including published clinical guidelines or peer-reviewed professional journals that are NOT textbooks. Supporting evidence should be published within the past 5 years, or 10 if the guidelines have not been updated. References should be in APA format. Refer to the APA 7 Manual for specific formatting requirements. 


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