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Write a definition and example for each term ( .25pts each). A definition is worth .15 and an example is worth .10.

NE denotes no example needed. Student must type NE after the definition. If you do not add the NE or and example you will have a .10 deduction.

  1. analytical psychology NE
  2. archetype
  3. basic anxiety
  4. behavioral genetics NE
  5. Big Five NE
  6. cognitive expectancy
  7. conscious NE
  8. defense mechanism
  9. ego NE
  10. factor analysis NE
  11. five-factor model (FFM) NE
  12. id NE
  13. individual psychology NE
  14. inferiority complex
  15. intellectualization
  16. levels of consciousness NE
  17. locus of control
  18. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) NE
  19. morality principle
  20. neo-Freudian NE
  21. objective personality test NE
  22. Oedipus complex
  23. penis envy NE
  24. personality
  25. pleasure principle NE
  26. preconscious NE
  27. projective test
  28. psychosexual stages NE
  29. rationalization
  30. reality principle
  31. reciprocal determinism
  32. repression
  33. Rorschach Inkblot Test NE
  34. self-actualization
  35. self-concept
  36. self-efficacy
  37. superego
  38. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) NE
  39. trait
  40. unconditional positive regard
  41. unconscious NE

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