analysis of the essay

2 page short analysis of the essay “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift

next week your analysis of the Jonathan Swift essay “A Modest Proposal is due. You will write your analysis in ESSAY FORM, double spaced, and it must be two pages in length. I have listed a series of questions below that you must answer within the context of your essay. If you have questions please let me know, and bring this assignment with you to our meeting next week.

Prof Fitz

What form is this reading?

2. What is the purpose of the essay?

3. What devices does Jonathan Swift use to prove/support his point?

4. What does the author wish to accomplish by writing such an essay?

5. Do you believe the author achieved the purpose he intended in writing the essay?

6. What is the most effective tool the author used in the essay? (i.e. sarcasm, analogy, humor, irony, etc.)

7. Include 1-2 sentences from the essay that stuck out to you and explain why these lines are memorable.

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