Amberton University Employee Engagement at The Stockholm Company Plan

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The Stockton Company is a medium-sized food service corporation that is primed to expand into the global market. A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been hired with the task to Increase employee engagement, create a new process for addressing employee concerns in the workplace, and implementing an employee incentive plan. You are the Human Resources Director of the company. The CEO has requested your attendance at a strategy meeting to hear your ideas on increasing employee engagement and for developing a new process for employees to report concerns. You will need to develop a plan for motivating employees and come prepared with a new process for reporting complaints/concerns and developing a new incentive plan for employees. Examples to spur your thinking are included below.

Prepare a plan for increasing employee motivation (Examples below). 

Which strategies to use?

  1. Flexible work hours, compressed work weeks, self-managed teams, remote work, attendance awards, spot awards.

Develop a new process for handling employee complaints/concerns (Examples below)

  • Electronic form automatically submitted to HR (confidentiality)
  • Paper form completed and submitted to HR representative

Develop an employee incentive plan based on performance (Choose one plan below)

  1. Individual incentive plan (based on the individual’s sole performance)

Team incentive plan (based on meeting targets for the department as a whole)

  • Company incentive plan (based on meeting company-wide objectives)   

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