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Allocation Research the laws and allocation of resources in your state. In a 1-2 page Essay, identify one discrepancy where the State Legislature has passed a law, such as DWI Law or another type of law, but failed to allocate enough money for the criminal justice system to properly execute the law, resulting in errors, backlog, or other malfunctions of the system. Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format. Note to tutor: I received a score of zero for my last Allocation essay. Here’s what my instructor had to say:Veronica, thank you for completing your assignment. I thought you had a wealth of information in your paper and were on the right track. However, after careful review of your paper, it was kind of difficult to see the direction you were going with your paper or the legislation that you were referring to. I will allow for you to rewrite your paper elaborating on your legislation.

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