Alasdair MacIntyre once wrote that ‘Teachers are the forlorn hope of the culture of western modernity’ (MacIntyre, 1987, p. 16). What did MacIntyre mean by this? To what extent can his claim be supported?

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This is the module called Philosophy of Education.

Need to write 2850 ~ 3000 words in British English. And please follow the Harvard referencing (only need to have 10 ~ 15 references, but critically analyse those reading). Please finish in time! Thanks in advance!!!!

I have uploaded the further guidance below to show how to write this essay critically (hightlighted the useful sentences) and also the list of key readings that can discuss in this essay, please check.

This essay question raised from Alasdair MacIntyre’s article called ‘The idea of an educated public‘ and I have also provided this article below.

Key concepts that can use in this essay:

Aristotelian praxis

Medieval scholasticism

Renaissance humanism

Modern Humanism


Instrumental rationality


Critical pedagogy


Liberal education


I will upload the powerpoint of this module later to help you write this essay, many thanks!!!!!!

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