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For the first assignment, students will discuss the last book, poem, novel, short story, drama, non-fiction that you have read by a Black writer and explain why you are taking this class. Make this essay a great example of your writing, so I can get an idea of who you are. Writing minimum requirement: 2 pages.

This is what I wrote about why I wanted to take this class please don’t copy and paste it change make it more professional and sound better for the novel book or poem you choose make sure you don’t copy as it being checked twice tells me right away so don’t waste our time and make sure you connect to the book or novel bring in quotes in connection to what they mean to you overall what you take from it.

Reason for taking this class was because I wanted to learn another culture, last semester I took the Latino Studies course which was extremely interesting we even learn some about the African American culture and how we are all related and similar even in the culture aspect. After taking this course it change the way I thought and felt about my background where my family and I came from it was so beautiful to be able to know real facts and interesting information that I could even share with others. After taking this class I thought which other culture/background would I love to learn and it had this class as my best friend is African American, I wanted to find the beauty of her culture and live it in the moment.

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