Adolescence is a transition period between childhood and adulthood, assignment help

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Background Information

The purpose of the Analysis of Key Issues section of your capstone
project is to take the research and information gained from the prior
sections and analyze that information, in your own words, to logically
come to a set of recommendations and a conclusion based on sound
reasoning with supporting rationale.

Analysis of Key Issues (4 pages)
 Purpose: The “heart” of the study – to thoroughly examine the information and literature discovered in the research.
 This goes beyond the Information and Literature Review to give your analysis of the facts and information discovered from the outside sources. What themes appear, and what does the information show? What do the facts “say” about the issues pertaining to your topic, including the ethical dimension of your topic. The best way to organize this section is to repeat the key questions (that were presented earlier), and use the results from the study to answer them. This is the student’s analysis, but all statements must exhibit a rationale based on the research. Feel free to cite sources within this section.
Recommendations and Conclusion (3 pages)
 Purpose: To offer specific recommendations addressing the problem, issue, challenge, or opportunity you have addressed in your paper, including action steps to implement the recommendations.
 Include a paragraph of concluding remarks.

If needed, I can send you my previous sections, including what I submitted that you helped with last time.

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