ACL Tear in Football

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Part 1. You
must create either a PowerPoint presentation/ Prezi or video discussing
an injury.

You will discuss:

What is the injury

structures involved

Mechanism of Injury (how injury occurs)

structures are injured, both primary structures and secondary
structures.. for example: MCL injury may have meniscus injury, and
probably muscle injury

discuss the rehabilitation protocol… What must you consider in terms
of safety in this program? Does age or gender influence rehabilitation?
What are the typical protocols?

exercises will you start with and why? Are there alternative exercises
if the person does not want to perform the one’s you chose due to pain?

just ahead to just before you suggest they are returned to activity and
play. Provide information on how you would determine if they can return
to activity. What functions will you be expecting them to have?

In your PPT please supply the commentary in the notes section of the PPT. Please include photos if possible

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