According to our textbook God wrote the Bible

1. According to our textbook God wrote the Bible. Paul wrote that Scripture is “inspired by
God,” using the Greek work theopneustos which is translated “breathed-out from God”. Peter
also acknowledges that the Bible is the words of God through the Holy Spirit. Even though Peter
witnessed the events he wrote about he considers the Bible even more trustworthy then his
recollection. God inspired the writers of the Bible through divine inspiration allowing them to
show their own personalities, writing style, and interests. This does not mean that God was
making sure that every word written in the Bible was not overseen by God to ensure Gods
message was written. Even though men wrote Scripture it is inerrant meaning free from errors.
We can believe this to be true because Scripture is inspired by God who can’t lie. David writes
that the word of God is perfect, trustworthy, right, pure, and reliable therefore we can put our
trust in God’s words. If Christians doubt the inerrancy of Scripture it is the same as questioning
the character of God. If we deny that the Bible is inerrant than we have no assurance that other
passages of the Bible are true. Jesus Christ spoke of the inerrancy of the Bible confirming the
promises of the Old Testament and promising the New Testament to be true (Cartwright &
Hulshof, 2016).
The writing of the Old Testament was completed several hundred years before Christ’s
birth so the Old Testament canon was less controversial. Even though there are thirty-nine books
in today’s Bible they were grouped differently in the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible included
three categories: The Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. “There are numerous quotations of
Old Testament passages in the New Testament as every Old Testament book is quoted except
Esther. A reference to the Old Testament canon is found in Luke 11:51, Abel’s murder was the
first and Zechariah’s was the last murder in the original Hebrew canon. Therefore, the
composition of the Old Testament was decided before the time of the New Testament. The
Gospels, Acts, and the epistles of the New Testament were accepted as Scripture by the early
church and considered to be authoritative contrary to the belief that the New Testament canon
was decided several hundred years after Christ. A canon became necessary after false teachers
such as Marcion forced the establishment of an accepted list against which false teachers could
be measured. The oldest list of New Testament books is known as the Muratorian Canon dated
about AD 175-200. Athanasius referred to the twenty-seven writing we have in our current New
Testament in AD 367 dispelling the argument the canon was not decided until the fourth century.
Despite some debate as to whether certain books should be included, the New Testament as we
know it was accepted as Scripture by the second century (Cartwright & Hulshof, 2016). 100 word reply 2 Though the bible has been translated to many languages and revised to suit its readers it is
stated as fact that the Bible is originally the text of God. The scriptures and all their meanings are
inspired by God to guide us in a way that we can be our best in life even though we are ALL
SINNERS. mans interception of the Bible does not constitute creation of the word of God, the
words translated are still Gods words to be understood by man.Peter in his writings explained it
best when he wrote that no prophecy is from ones own interpretation because no prophecy, that
is true prophecy ever came from the will of man,{2 Pet.1;20-21).All divinity and trustworthiness
of the Bible is originally from the one true God and could never be changed to prove false. God
in all his glory gave man the power to translate his holy word and bring it to his world to show
man how to live and have life everlasting in His kingdom.God in all his glory gave man a map in
which to follow when it came to writing the bible. In fact he allowed man to write his words with
their own tongue and understanding but all the words that were written where of God.
While there are many translations and countless revisions to the bible it is obvious after reading
this section that the true Bible in whatever translation is the true word of God. I would suggest to
anyone that doubted its word take a copy, any copy, of the Holy Bible from the first Greek
translation to the New kings James version and compare its writings and teachings and learn for
themselves that while the words are spoken in different tongues and narratives what is said is the
same in all books, the word of God. The translations are literal and not exact in content but the
messages and the scriptures are the same. Gods word is Gods word no matter how it is written.
When I was studying the Bible I first read the King James version and found it difficult but when
I got a new translation based on the thought for thought theory or a functional Bible I found that
I got more of a clear understanding and never felt like the word of God was watered down. I
would suggest to anyone that doubts Gods word read a functional Bible and I guarantee they will
become believers. May all who read this be blessed in the great name and word of our Lord. 100 word reply

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