According to Brian Belott

  • Write 500 words answering all 4 of the questions below.1. According to Brian Belott:
    “There are certain things the body loves to do, like making a cross, or an X, or a loop-de-loop. These actions are born in the time of early childhood. What’s wild, too, about this practice is that, for the kids, it’s akin to running around on the playground, because kids are only half of the time thinking deeply about what they’re doing. It’s more about motor action and covering a surface.”
    What does this quotation tell you about children’s picture books, art, physicality, language, drawing, and creativity?2. According to Sipe: “Every part of a picture book is meaningful, from the front to back cover. ” Take a look at your favorite picture book and write about three aspects of the books illustration and design or three parts of the book and discuss how these visual elements are meaningful.

    3. According to Dilys Evans in Show & Tell: Exploring the fine art of Children’s Book Illustration: “To my mind art happens when a particular creation stops us in our tracks. It makes us think. It touches our deepest emotions and oftentimes it teaches us something new.” Create your own definition of art and then write about how it might relate to children’s picture book illustrations.

    4. Illustrations — like Performances — are complex works of art — where many carefully chosen details coalesce to have impact on our physical sensation, feelings, and thought. Think about a live performance you’ve seen — whether for children or adults — it can be theatre, solo performance, dance, music, spoken word, etc — what describe three tools or tactics that made the performance powerful.

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