Abnormal Behavior Week 6 Discussion

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To prepare:

  • Review the substance-related and addictive disorders in the DSM-5
  • Review the Learning Resources this week related to substance-related and addictive disorders and consider specific definitions and conditions for these types of disorders

 Post the following:

  • Define and explain substance-related and addictive disorders based on the DSM-5 and the scholarly articles found in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Explain how and why some of the symptoms associated with substance-related and addictive disorders contribute to criminal behavior.
  • Explain the forensic psychological implications of substance-related and addictive disorders.

Note: Your posts should be substantial (300–500 words), supported with scholarly evidence from your research and/or the Learning Resources, and properly cited using APA style. Personal anecdotes are acceptable within meaningful responses but cannot stand alone as a response. 

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