Aba psychology (bcba)

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  • Review and summarize the responses from the BCBA or BCaBA professional.
  • Integrate the interview findings into a cohesive written composition that explains for the reader the focus, scope, and expectations in the professional’s work. Describe areas of the work that are interesting and areas that are challenging. Reflect on how the interview has impacted your perceptions of the field.
  • Summarize the job requirements of the professional.
  • Describe the job title, setting (private practice, clinic, school, group home, et cetera), and the population with which the professional works.
  • Describe how this job compares with your career interests. Would you be interested in working in this setting and with this population of individuals? Why or why not?

requires a personal reflection on perceptions of the field and your career interests, you can write in first person for these areas of the work.Please fill free to use any resources as well on BCBA field or autism .

Exploring a Career in Applied Behavior Analysis Interview with BCBA Avien Henry

· What is your job title?

Principal of Helen Keller preschool for the Blind.

· With what population of individuals do you work?

Autism ,Down syndrome ,and vision-impaired children ages 3 to 5.

· What are your daily job tasks? 

Daily management of school building staff and students,

Evaluations of staff and students.

Observation of staff and students.

Finically making sure the school get the right finance.

Request behavior analysis on students.

Creating behavior intervention plans.

Signing papers for orders.

Ordering equipment for physical, and occupational therapy.

· What inspired you to become a BCBA (or BCaBA)?

Started as a paraprofessional working with students with autism. Working with autistic children made me want to learn more about how to work with them and skills I could use to help them in everyday life. So I did more research on autism. It shocked me watching the behaviors of the students but I knew I needed to know more to start to really understand and know how to help them properly .After doing my research and working with them I instanstly knew this was the field I wanted to be in. The teacher I was working with started teaching me a little about ABA and I started learning techniques. while working at the school I graduated college with my bachelors in education .After that I stayed mentoring with this teacher for a year while taking courses to get my BCBA.

· What do you like most about your job?

Learning to break down skills, teach the individual pieces, and watch the kids make the process from the behavior and the data collected on the child of what they need help with .You get to watch them use the skills and accomplished them in an everyday setting. As well as the parents teaching the parents skills to help their children and watching the parents see the difference and them just seeing how happy the parents are when they see the change and that the skills are working.

· What do you like least about your job?

Paper work , It’s so data driven and I’m still trying to catch up.

· What would be the one thing you would tell a newcomer entering the field?

BCBA has expanded not just about autism . Figuring out which part of aba they want to be in . There are different parts to the field and different disabilities attached to having an BCBA. So many different aspects .Knowing what you are going to use the knowledge you’ve accumulated. Do your research as well to get a better understanding in the field they will soon be entering.

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