AABN Business Level Strategy Questions

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Exercise 4 – Business-Level Strategy (50 points

Read the one page mini-case titled “Nordstrom”. Based on this and working with your group, answer the following four questions in the space provided.

[Word limits mentioned below are only suggested guidelines, they are not mandatory].

1-For its flagship (core) department stores, which market segments – i.e., what kinds of customers does Nordstrom target and serve? 50 words.

2-In its core department stores, how does Nordstrom attempt to differentiate itself from rivals? Provide three specific aspects of differentiation. please limit response to ~ 100 words.

3-In its core department stores, which generic business-level strategy does Nordstrom pursue? (This is a two word answer!). 2 words.

4-a) What information from the mini-case indicates that Nordstrom is operationally efficient? – Provide two pieces of evidence. 50 words.

b) Why does a differentiated business like Nordstrom need to be operationally efficient? – Provide one reason. 50 words.

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