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Field Assignment 3 June 4th; 550-750 words,

Select a nineteenth-century funerary monument in Ross Bay Cemetery.

(I took some pictures of the monument I picked already, please use

them as the selected one.)

Referencing Ronald Hawker’s “Monuments in the Nineteenth-Century Public

Cemeteries of Victoria, British Columbia,” Material History Bulletin (Fall

1987), pp. 19-26, <#26. Material History Bulletin (Fall 1987) – Material Culture

Review – Memorial University DAI (mun.ca)>,



Discuss how the monument evokes a neo-medieval aesthetic and discuss

the interconnectedness of memorialization and identity. Hypothesize why this

is significant in the context of the British Empire. Include an image of the

object in your assignment.

Here are some pictures of the monument, please check them before you start

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