A Management research paper

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It is a non-profit commerce organization

Select a manager who directly supervises you or one that you have observed managing employees where you are interning and comment on his or her management style and how it relates to any of the styles you learned about from one of your college courses. Students who have not covered this material in any of their classes to date will need to do independent research to learn about these styles.

Complete independent research to support your discussion of the paper topic. A minimum of three external sources from textbooks and/or UNLV Library peer-reviewed journals is required. Please review the “Research Paper Guidelines” document for helpful tips for completing the assignment.

Describe management style (using information from HMD 307 (or equivalent management/org. behavior course), a management textbook, websites and/or journal articles)

How this style of management impacts employee morale in a positive or negative way

How this style of management affects team-building efforts in a positive or negative way.

How does the organization develop effective leaders

APA Format

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