A discussion of Warrant Glen with author William Wallis

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Hello, everyone! This is Bill Wallis, the author of Hawk and Warrant Glen. I wanted to check in and thank you for reading my novel, which is autobiographical fiction; i.e., it is the story, fictionalized, of a year when I attended high school and lived on a 50-acre farm near Monticello, AR in 1962. I hope the book speaks to you and I look forward to chatting with you about it online. Happy reading!

Dear students,

This discussion will be open for two weeks. Please join our discussion at least twice a week for the next two weeks to contribute your comments, ask questions, and give suggestions to others. Having an the opportunity to talk to an actual author about his book is an amazing resources — especially since you’re writing about his book. Take advantage of this great opportunity and going our conversation!

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