8-10 Pages First person Narrative paper

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Must be written in APA format, including title page, running head, page number, the correct format for headings and references (if applicable). However, you are not required to include an abstract. Papers should be on standard 8.5” x 11” paper, with one-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double-spaced. This paper should include at least nine references( articles, books, etc.).

This paper should include the following components:

– A brief summary of your choice of major.( Business Administration with a concentration of information System Major).

– 3-5 year career plan after graduation and strategies you will implement before you graduate to set you on the right path. (Planning to work overseas).

– A reflection on your current semester to include how you handled your course load and planning and whether you reached your goals. Include your expectations, what steps you took, what you had to sacrifice, what should you have done differently and what was your role. How will you make holistic adjustments for next semester? ( you are taking two classes, a senior project class for information systems where you work with a team to complete the project and a career development class)

– Top obstacles that stand in the way of graduating and what needs to be done to minimize them.

– Strategies to ensure that study time is used productively

– How you will deal with the competing demands of work, family and school

– How you plan to make the most of student services and campus facilities (including which ones you will most likely use) in order to ensure your future success

– What graduating will mean to you professionally and personally?

– An evaluation of the career development class and how it affected your goals, your personal growth, and how you engage your studies and the world overall.

What major you are writing about?

Consider yourself as an Business Adminsitrator Concentration in Information System Major. Who is on his last semester to get his bachelors degree.

Please consider what is in the brackets next to each component.


– APA Format

– 8-10 PAGES not including cover/ References

– 9 references

– Spelling, Grammar, punctuations

– Organization & Flow of content

– Plagiarism free

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