6552 wk 2 assignment

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Health History – Building a Health History

To prepare:

Review the screening tools found in the Learning Resources and consider how you might use an app or tool to assist in screening. (SEE ATTACHMENT)

Review the media programs related to a vaginal eval, pap test, and breast eval.

Review the health history guide and consider how you would create your own script for building a complete health history.

Provide all the components of a complete gynecologic health history. Include considerations for special populations such as LGBTQ+ individuals. (SEE ATTACHMENT)

What health maintenance guidelines should be included for initial and follow up might be needed for follow-up assessments? (i.e., bone density test, Gardasil vaccine, shingles, etc.)?

What questions would you consider in your patient’s complete health history? 

Example, ONLY  What is your patient’s living situation? Do they have stairs? Do they live by themselves? Do they have a working refrigerator?

Develop your own script for building a complete health history and as you create your script, consider the difficult questions you want to include in your script. There is no sample template to provide to you. (Utilize chapter 6 of your Schuiling textbook to provide guidance). You are the one to develop the script. Think of it as you are writing a movie and you need to write the script for the movie. What lines would you provide for the actor to utilize when sitting down with a patient to perform a COMPLETE Medical History which also entails those DIFFICULT GYN questions. You do not need to provide the answers to the questions however, if you find that beneficial, you may do so.

Create: (1- to 2-page reflection)

In addition to your script for building a health history for this assignment, include a separate section called “Reflection” that includes the following:

A brief summary of your experiences in developing and implementing your script during your health history.

Explanations of what you might find difficult when asking these questions. What you found insightful and what would you say or do differently.

Please note: This assignment requires an actual script to be developed – not just a list of topics you would cover. I want to see how you would word the questions and the specific questions you would include in your assessment.

Please be sure to include a reflection that explores your development of that script.


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The following common screening apps will require a download or install into your personal device for you to access. 
Note: Should you have any technical issues, you will need to contact the rightsholder of the app itself and not Walden Student Support for any assistance. 

· Alvar-Gonzalez, J. (2020). 

iContraception.Links to an external site.

Note: This download is available for Android devices only.

· ITIOX Technologica S.L. (2020). 

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Note: This download is available for iOS devices only.

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ePSS Electronic Preventive Services Selector.Links to an external site.

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CDC Vaccine Schedules.Links to an external site.

Note: This webpage will provide you with downloads for both iOS and Android Devices.

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Well Woman Visit Mobile App

Links to an external site.
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