61 Marks: 1 A contribution to which of the following organizations does not qualify as a deductible charitable contribution?

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a. A church, temple, or mosque

b. A nonprofit school

c. A chamber of commerce

d. A war veterans group


a. The taxes are paid to a federal agency.

b. The taxes are due only on the purchase of the property.

c. The taxes were based on the value alone and were imposed on a yearly basis.

d. All of the above.

e. None of the above.


a. No one person provides more than half of the individual’s support.

b. Two or more people together provide more than half the individual’s support.

c. Only the individual may claim his or her own exemption.

d. The contributors must sign a statement agreeing not to claim the exemption for that year.


a. Reimbursements under a non-accountable plan.

b. Sick pay from an employer-paid insurance plan.

c. Group term life insurance provided by the employer.

d. Employer-provided vehicles used for personal driving.


a. Keep written records of his expenses.

b. Allocate the expenses between rental and non-rental activities.

c. Both A and B.

d. None of the above.


a. $287,650

b. $156,900

c. $313,800

d. $261,500


a. January 15, 2018

b. February 28, 2018

c. April 17, 2018

d. April 17, 2017


a. A noncash property settlement

b. Spouse’s part of community income

c. Payments in cash, checks, or money orders

d. Payments to keep up the payer’s property.


a. Neither Ian nor Harriet

b. Harriet

c. Ian

d. Either Ian or Harriet, they can decide which


a. The taxpayer was unemployed for more than half the year.

b. The total tax for 2017 minus withholding is less than $1,000.

c. The taxpayer was a U.S. citizen or resident and had no tax liability for the prior year that included all 12 months of the year.

d. The taxpayer was not required to file a return for the prior year.


a. She can contribute $6,500, but can only deduct $5,500

b. She can contribute $5,500 and deduct the full amount

c. She can contribute $6,500 but cannot deduct any amount

d. She can contribute $6,500 and she can deduct the full amount


a. Treated the same as a disability pension.

b. Taxed as an annuity.

c. Never taxable.

d. Treated like tax-exempt interest.


a. Part of the fee is based on the value of that vehicle.

b. The amount is a percentage of the taxpayer’s income.

c. The amount does not increase or decrease from year to year.

d. The fee is paid to a court as a fine.


a. Nontaxable income.

b. Deductible on Schedule A.

c. Taxable income.

d. An adjustment to income on Form 1040.


a. $4,000

b. $2,500

c. $5,000

d. $2,000


a. $350

b. $1,050

c. $3,850

d. $6,350


a. You had no tax liability for the prior tax year.

b. You were a U.S. citizen or resident for the whole year.

c. You lived in a foreign country for at least six months of the year.

d. Your prior tax year covered a 12-month period.


a. The self-employment tax is figured on the net total of all income from self-employment.

b. A married couple filing MFJ may file only one Schedule SE, even if both have self-employment income.

c. The self-employment tax is handled as part of the income tax return.

d. Schedule SE must be filed if there is net earnings from self-employment of $400 or more.


a. The date and type of specific wage or wagering activity.

b. The name and address or location of the gambling establishment.

c. The travel costs to get to the gambling establishment.

d. The names of other persons present at the gambling establishment.

e. The amounts won or lost.


a. Within 3 years from the date the original return was filed.

b. Within 2 years from the date the tax was paid on the original return.

c. Only until the original due date of the return.

d. Only if the marriage has since been annulled.

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