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Describe the databases you have found for the evidence related to the clinical question you have identified. Provide detail on the 2–3 databases (such as PubMed, Cochrane, EBSCO, CINAHL®, etc.) defining the key differences in their search functions. 

Instructions: 1 page and a half. At least 3 references. APA style. 

clinical question:   Based on my clinical question, the strongest evidence would come from RCTs or systematic reviews/meta-analyses of RCTs. The evidence-based pyramid chart in the textbook illustrates this hierarchy of evidence, with systematic reviews and meta-analyses at the top of the pyramid and expert opinion at the bottom (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2022). To determine the strength of the evidence related to my clinical question, I would need to conduct a systematic search of the literature for RCTs or systematic reviews/meta-analyses that have investigated the effectiveness of EDIS in reducing ED wait time and overcrowding compared to a manual approach. I will refer to the evidence-based levels chart to evaluate the quality of the evidence and determine whether it is strong enough to support a recommendation for or against the implementation of EDIS in the ED (Melnyk et al., 2018).

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