2-3 Page Essay questions (5 total) utilizing two sources I provide.

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This is for a 2-3 page essay answering 5 questions in total. I have attached detailed directions for this essay along with 2 sources of reading material that is only to be used when answering these 5 questions:

1. What were Osama bin Laden’s intended strategies in response to the “Arab Spring and why did he consider it a formidable event?”

2. Explain Osama bin Laden’s relationship with regional jihadi groups at the time of his death.

3. Explain how King and Taylor describe the radicalization process for the purposes of their study, and why their study focused on the radicalization of “homegrown” jihadists.

4. Why do King and Taylor take the position that basing counter-terrorism or counter-radicalization strategies on models that have not been empirically validated can be misleading and risky? In addition, why do King and Taylor take the position that the narrative promoted by jihadists is amenable to empirical research?(NOTE: the question is not asking for a specific explanation or summary of each model).

5. What conclusions do King and Taylor reach, regarding their study of radicalization of homegrown jihadists and what recommendations do they make regarding future research?

Again, all information and material to answer these 5 questions attached here:

Instructions: Assignment Instructions 

Reading 1: Letters+From+Abottabad.pdf 

Reading 2: King & Taylor.pdf 

Thanks you!

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