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  All papers must be in MLA format, including an MLA formatted title page, MLA page numbering, 1” margins, 12pt font, MLA Works Cited Page, and should be double-spaced.  You should have learned this format in ENG 101 and 201.  There are a plethora of resources on this website, the Internet, and 

All papers should be thesis-centered essays of 4-6 pages, with the exception of the creative option, Option Two, where you are instructed to write a letter.  You must use at least one outside source in addition to the sources that are provided by this coursewith the exception of Option One. Any paper that does not meet the requirements as outlined by this assignment will result in a failing grade.

When using an outside source in a literary paper, you must ensure that your source is credible.  You may use literary journals, magazines, articles, newspapers, books, etc.  The most credible internet sources are usually .edu, .org, and .info.  Wikipediaenotesschmoopcliffsnotes, and the like, are not credible sources.  Using these sources will result in an automatic failure for the paper.

Option Two: 18th Century Abigail Adams

You must answer both parts of this Assignment:

Part (A): You are an 18th Century first lady, living in a patriarchal society that treads closely to the misogynistic line. How would you address your husband, and president, on the issue of Women’s Rights?  Write a letter, making clear your intentions, voicing your concerns, specifically identifying what changes need to be made, and offering solutions to the current subservient state of women. 


Part (B): Write a letter, as President responding to the specific issues raised in the letter your first lady has written to you (in part A).  How would you choose to address these concerns?  Would you be so willing to risk public outcry and ridicule and possibly your own personal safety to right the wrongness imposed on women of this time period?


*Make sure your paper is historically accurate.  All sources used should be appropriately documented, including the materials provided by this course. Even though you are writing letters, this paper should still include an MLA formatted Title Page, Works Cited Page, and in text citations for quoted and/or paraphrased material.







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