125 words agree or disagree to each questions Q1. When writing a research paper for class, there are several mistakes you may encounter. One of the first mistakes may be staying on topic. Often times

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125 words agree or disagree to each questions


When writing a research paper for class, there are several mistakes you may encounter. One of the first mistakes may be staying on topic. Often times when we are so passionate about a subject or we run out of things related to that subject, we tend to venture off on other topics. In doing this, it leaves you and your professor confused on what your thoughts are about the particular topic. One of the best ways I have found to help keep me on topic are bullet points. Bullet points are helpful because it helps you to stay on topic and know what to discuss in your paper. If the student has to save the paper and come back to work on it, the bullet points lets them know where to pick up the paper from. A second mistake that you can possibly make in writing your research paper is not knowing what you want to write about. Some people often refer to this as writers block. Writers block occurs when you are given a topic to discuss and you have no information or ideas on the topic. When completing a research paper, the student can have a general idea on what they want to say, but unsure on how to start the paper off. The student should write the body of the paper and the conclusion and introduction lastly. This is very effective because it allows you to get your ideas about the paper. When you write the introduction and conclusion last it will help you to tie your paper together from beginning to end.

Another area of the research paper where you can make mistakes are in selecting sources. Choosing the right source is very important because it needs to follow the guidelines of the format you are required to write under(MLA,APA, Chicago). The source must also be reputable sources that are peer reviewed and not from a secondary source because they sources cannot be deemed as being reliable.

Selecting Sources can be extremely difficult when it comes to research papers because some sources may include limited information about the topic you are discussing. Or the source you selected could be from someone else opinion about a subject or a magazine article. With those sources you may be able to find your information but it will be extremely hard to cite the source if it does not meet the format you are writing in. Selecting Sources is very pertinent to the paper because the information read in those articles are designed as a way to help you format and write your paper. One of the most important things I have learned about source selection is the information I read in the article, helps me to formulate my opinion on whether I will the information to support my ideas in the paper, or will I use them to formulate my opinion. So selecting the right source is extremely important because it is the determining factor into how well your research paper will go.

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The first issue I have when writing a paper is that I feel as though I repeat myself when writing a paper. The second issue is that I never feel as though I can meet my # of pages that are required. The third issue I have is not being able to find enough information to support my paper. I will find references and when I start to read it thoroughly, it could be a complete repeat of a previous reference. To help these issues one should make sure the thesis statement is connected throughout the paper’s main points. One thing I have never understood is plagiarism. If people think the same and all write papers on the same topic; at some point were all saying the same thing. I have had to the redo a paper because my percentage was too high but to me everything was in my own words.

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