11 pages research paper

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The main point is about american sports culture. And the topic is the college athlete non athletic performance: 1.academic performance 2. substance abuse 3. career advancement. Just give simple introduction to the comparison between college athletes and non athlete. And focus on the factor that cause athlete have better academic performance, high risk in alcohol abuse but lower consumption in cigarette and marijuana, and better career advancement. The most important is why, why athlete perform better in this three aspect.

In the introduction part show why college athlete perform better.

I give you the slide as a simple outline, follow the slide of the most part. But the part of the factors that influence career advancement, please do some research and rewrite it.

And the docx. below include some sorces.

Please give me the at least 1 page introduction before today’s midnight. And before Thursday 4pm please give me the content that include the academic performance part.

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